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Paint Protection


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As New Jersey’s largest paint protection facility A Buff and Beyond service hundreds of Tesla’s a year and have seen the damage the Tri-State Area can introduce to their finish first hand. With the ability to own, drive, and enjoy your Tesla for years and years to come it is important to protect the paint and other finishes so the look of your vehicle last as long as the mechanical elements of the car. Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, and Window Tint should be first on the list after taking delivery of your new Tesla.

Tesla Clear Bra Finishes & Packages

Tesla Ceramic Window Tint Packages

It is no surprise with the amount of glass in the Tesla lineup that the internal cabin temperatures can get quite high and uncomfortable. SunTek Ceramic Window Tint for your Tesla is the answer. Ceramic Window Tint effectively blocks UV and IR rays from entering the cabin which keeps the heat of the sun off your face while driving and allows the cabin temperature to decrease quickly once driving after parking. Keeping the cabin cool also increases battery life, as Tesla automobiles will turn on their AC to cool the cabin while parked. The cooler the cabin stays the less this happens and the less drain on the battery. Pair the above with preventing UV damage to both your skin and interior materials and SunTek Ceramic Tint is perfect for your Tesla.


As Tesla has begun to include 20% tint built into the rear factory glass on the newer models, matching the two fronts with SunTek 20% Ceramic Window Tint is very popular. It will complete the look of your Tesla while keeping cabin temperatures cool and comfortable at a great price.


If you have a new Model Y with the factory tinted glass or a new X, 3, or S without the factory tint you will surely want to add Ceramic Window Tint to the Tesla. Tesla Ceramic Window Tint is surprisingly effective at blocking heat to keep you comfortable while driving, your skin and interior protected from UV, and to cool cabin temps quickly on a hot day. And of course, it looks fantastic.


The large front windshield of the Tesla models is the largest single point of heat entry to the vehicle. We can apply a 70% VLT (visible Light Transfer) Ceramic Window Tint that is nearly invisible but blocks 98% of the incoming UV rays. This coverage has a huge impact on the cabin temperature. On the Model Y we are tinting the two fronts to match the factory rears and the windshields regularly.

GYEON - Ceramic Coating - Buff and Beyond

Ceramic Coating your Tesla is the perfect complement to Clear Bra and Window Tint. The ceramic Coating will provide long term protection from the harsh environment, add tons of gloss, dramatic water repellency, and make regular wash maintenance fast and easy. We can Ceramic Coating every surface of the car, include the Clear Bra. We choose to work with GYEON ceramic coatings, as they are a long time leader in the car care industry whose product performs very well in the Tri-State driving environment.

A Buff and Beyond - Level 1 Ceramic Coatings

Tesla GYEON Infinite Ceramic Coating Package

The GYEON Infinite Ceramic Coating Package is our most disurining level of protection. This ceramic coating package includes GYEON’s infinite coating to the paintwork along with the wheel faces, plastics, and windshield with their own designated formulas. GYEON Infinite is a formula that only certified detailers are allowed to apply to a vehicle's finish. Our ceramic coating package includes a single stage polish procedure to correct any light to mid-level factory defects and the interior cleaned thoroughly. Enjoy an exclusive level of protection with GYEON’s Infinite Ceramic Coatings. A Buff & Beyond Performance Car Care is New Jersey’s certified GYEON detailer.

Tesla Interior Protection

The interior panels of your Tesla can be protected just as effectively as your exterior. The most notable point of damage is the gloss finished center consoles and touch points of your Tesla. We can apply the same paint protection film as we apply to the exterior paint to these interior panels for long term invisible protection. We can also ceramic coat the seats and fabric floors for complete protection of the car.

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