An eye catching Isle of Man Green Metallic finished 2023 BMW M8 Competition has entered our facility ready for the proper level of protection. Our team is going to work to protect this M8 Competition with front end protection in SUNTEK Films Clear Bra and a thick topcoat of GYEON Ceramic Coating.

This project will start in the wash bay with a proper vehicle decontamination wash to ensure a fresh finish presents itself for protection. In order to remove all surface grime and grease on the M8 Competition, our detailers start on the Wheels and lower half of the vehicle as this sees the most amount of dirt and debris. They utilize an IRON based cleaner to effectively remove these contaminants. Next comes the paint, a foam cannon with a pressure washer is used to create an extremely lubricated surface that will drag the dirt off the paint before a mitt even touches the paint. The detailers carefully use a mitt to clean off the surface. Contaminants can be embedded in the paint, a clay bar is used to lift these contaminants provided a clean surface to protect. The M8 is rinsed, blown dry and sent off the Clear Bra Installers.

Once in the Clear Bra bay, our certified installers inspect the paint and head to the computer. They find all the pre-cut templates for the car to ensure a perfect fit and finish. They make a few modifications to provide as seamless of an install as possible and begin printing on our plotting machine. Panel by panel the paint is sprayed down, the clear bra is carefully laid and adhered to the finish. They double check their alignment and squeegee the spray solution allowing the clear bra to adhere to the painted surface. This process is repeated for the entire front end of the vehicle. This client opted for the Hood, Front Bumper, Fenders, Headlights, Mirrors, Rocker Panels, and Door Cups to be covered on his M8 in clear bra.

After the Clear Bra application, the vehicle moves over to our detail bay where our certified GYEON Ceramic Coating installers begin the prepwork. Any paint that is not covered in clear bra will need to be polished with a machine polish to remove defects. Our team of experts do an in depth analysis of the paintwork to find the perfect polish/compound solution to correct the paintwork and remove any surface swirl marks/scratches. While a Ceramic Coating does provide significant gloss, the paint correction process provides most of the gloss. We want a near perfect finish to be presented before applying any long term Ceramic Coating over top. The detailer will work with their polish machine in small sections on the exposed paint. After the in depth polish procedure is finalized, the paintwork is prepped with a GYEON solution to remove any oils or grease from the polish process.

The detailers begin applying the Ceramic Coating to both the painted and clear bra surfaces of the vehicle. This provides the immense gloss, UV/Chemical protection, and ease of maintenance to the entire vehicle. 

This customer opted for a full wheel removal service to have the Rim Face, Barrel and Calipers Ceramic Coated. The technician puts the vehicle on a lift for wheel removal and proper preparation and coating application. The face, barrel and all calipers get a thick layer of GYEON RIM Ceramic Coating to help shed brake dust off the surface. The wheels are reinstalled and torqued to factory specifications. All the glasswork was treated in ceramic as well to improve visibility.

After a quick interior wipedown and vacuum, this BMW M8 Competition is ready for the road ahead!

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