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Porsche GT3RS Gets A Full Make Over!

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs

With various amounts of Porsche GT3RS’s, this one received work unlike anything we have ever done before. The transformation for this Miami Blue GT3RS included db carbon fiber replacements on various panels both exterior and interior, along with a BBi roll cage we installed within the cabin. This piece was finalized by protection the entire vehicle in Xpel Paint Protection film and Coated in Gyeon CanCoat Pro.

Step 1: Cleaning and Decontaminating

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs - cleaning and decontamination

The Process began as we normally do. The vehicle received a complete wash and decontamination using various Gyeon Products to ensure no residue is left behind when we begin our preparation work. This includes a full wash to the wheels, jams, lower portions, engine bay, and paint.

Once washed, we run over the paint with a medium grade clay bar to remove any contaminates that are potentially embedded in the clear-coat. Once all contaminates are removed, the vehicle is rinsed down again and moved to our staging area for preparation.

Ultimate Paint Protection

Ultimate Paint Protection

Step 2: db Carbon Inserts

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs - Carbon Inserts

Once the vehicle is clean we began to carefully dissemble the body to prepare for the installation of all the carbon components purchased for the vehicle. these pieces added for an exceptional compliment to the chassis.

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs - Carbon Inserts

Step 3: Roll Cage

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs - Roll Cage

With the vehicle reassembled and the new BBS magnesium wheels installed, it was time to move about the cabin. With some extensive work, we were able to install this color matched, powered coated BBi roll cage with Miami blue Schroth racing harnesses. These accents complimented the Miami Blue paint work tremendously. After the interior, we topped it all off custom gloss gold racing strips and a Akropovic Race Exhaust.

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs - Roll Cage

Step 4: Protection

A Buff and Beyond Blog - Porsche-Gt3Rs - Protection

With all the final pieces done to the body, we began our preparation stage to protect all the work that was put into the vehicle. All surfaces of the vehicle were wrapped in Xpel’s Paint Protection Film to protect all aspects of the paint. Once the paint is fully wrapped, we moved to adding a top coat of Gyeon CanCoat Pro to add a glossy finish to the vehicle surface. The glass was also tinted in Xpel Prime XR+ Ceramic Window Tint. 35% to the side glass and 70% to the front windshield. This beautiful spec was taken to a new level thanks to our amazing a dedicated crew.

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