Paint protection film being applied to a car in New Jersey

The presence of your car is an important one. If you care deeply about the exterior look of your vehicle you may have heard of paint protection film (PPF) also commonly known as clear bra. This investment to your car’s exterior is a novel form of defense in shielding your vehicle from damage while maintaining a sleek appearance. PPF is applied directly to your vehicle’s paint and holds a multitude of benefits for you as a driver. PPF defenses range from protection of severe weather damage, scratches and stains to chipped paint, metal exposure and rust. You may be wondering how these benefits align with repair costs to your vehicle. There are several advantages to an investment in PPF and each one will undoubtedly save you time, stress, and money. 

A Buff and Beyond Prepares You for the Road Ahead

Located in New Jersey, A Buff and Beyond is your ultimate car care center with professional services including window tint, ceramic coating and clear bra. Clear bra, also referred to as Paint Protection Film (PPF) is available in three different coverages ranging from full nose, full nose plus, and full coverage. We exclusively use SUNTEK Paint Protection Film to secure your vehicle’s exterior with a clear urethane film, leaving protection and a superior shine that lasts up to 10 years with warranty. Drivers will be elated by the gloss of SUNTEK PPF along with the shielding surrounding their vehicle. SUNTEK’s urethane film prepares your car for unknown debris that can damage the exterior of your vehicle. This can include small dings that happen in a parking lot, weather damage, rocks, or bugs that simply get in the way. Let the expert installers at A Buff and Beyond match their devotion to car care to the exterior of your vehicle. 

Save Money by Protecting Your Vehicle Now

By installing SUNTEK PPF you are providing your vehicle with a protection that will save you money and headaches on future repairs. At Buff and Beyond, you will be serviced by car experts who deeply care about preserving your vehicle’s appearance while honoring your investment over time. By applying SUNTEK PPF to your car’s exterior, you are limiting the potential damage and the effects from debris that can significantly damage your car’s look, prestige, and value. By investing in Paint Protection Film now, you will save  money in frequently needed repairs that occur from scratches, dings, door jams, and rock chips. 

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value Over Time

Owning a vehicle is a massive asset. Keeping your car in great condition is essential in maintaining its worth. Our car care experts at A Buff & Beyond will meet your needs with a professional install of SUNTEK PPF. Your choice in clear bra installation will limit the number of dings, hits, bug droppings, and rock chips that commonly occur during daily driving on the road. You won’t be disappointed on how much you save in the long run by protecting your exterior now. 

A Buff & Beyond Offers Clear Bra Installation You Need

At a Buff & Beyond, specialists in clear bra installation will leave your vehicle with an eye-appealing gloss and an unmatched shielding protection from daily wear and tear. As experts in SUNTEK PPF install, we guarantee that your investment now will save you money on repairs in the future. We know how important it is to maintain the look of your vehicle for years to come, that’s why it is our promise to provide you with professional level customer care and brand installation. Your choice in PPF installation will keep your car looking new for years to come without your pockets feeling empty. Reach out to us today for more information!

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, our team of professionals is just a phone call away.