It’s a clear and vivid memory. The day you finally pick up your dream car. The new car smell, the fresh glossy paint finish. It’s a special day to drive this new car home and show everyone your new whip! This investment definitely came with a hefty price tag and it deserves the proper protection to ensure the longevity of this investment. Every car owner should understand how to prevent their ride from unsightly road debris damages. After all, there’s nothing like a pristine, candy gloss paint finish.

A Buff and Beyond Performance Car Care is New Jersey’s professional Car Care center providing a vast range of protective services for your vehicle’s finish. As a driver focused group, we understand that one’s vehicle is an extension of his or her life.

We dedicate our certifications and extensive training in providing our customers with pristine showroom comparable finishes. Your vehicle is also an investment, and we know how important it is to protect your vehicle’s finish against external damages. In most instances, our clients have agreed that their vehicle leaves our shop looking better than when it was purchased.

What Causes Paint Chips/Damages on a vehicle paintwork?

It is common for a vehicle’s paintwork to get chips or nicks in the paintwork. Weather can have a huge factor in these damages, other factors can include chemicals, accidental damage, and natural causes. It is difficult to isolate the main cause of these damages but we live in a busy world full of highway traffic and unkempt roads/parking lots. With New Jersey’s season changing weather, this can increasingly damage a vehicle’s paint finish at an accelerated rate.


The outside forces are unavoidable. They unfortunately can have a negative impact on our vehicles health resulting in faded paintwork and UV damage. During the New Jersey Winter, road salt can get on the paintwork and be swept under a vehicle causing corrosion. You can also experience bug guts, bird droppings, and tree spa which can diminish a vehicle’s finish. Having the proper protection against these elements is key to preserving a vehicle’s finish.


With Modern Technology, Clear Bra (or Paint Protection Film) and Ceramic Coatings provide a vehicle’s paintwork with the ultimate level of defense against these damages.

Clear Bra is made of a transparent urethane material offering a defensive barrier on your painted finish that is both durable and more cost effective than a visit to a body shop. Clear Bra is known for being extremely durable by absorbing and dispersing the impact of road debris with its urethane layers. This effect prevents the force of the impact to cause chips on the surface of the paintwork.

Ceramic Coatings provide long term chemical and UV protection to a vehicle’s paintwork. After proper application from our team is applied, it works to shield the paintwork from the harmful UV rays. Ceramic coatings create an intense level of water beading on the surface allowing for an easier maintenance experience on the paint, glass, and wheels. It provides all this with a candy gloss finish to provide an extreme shine to your ride. Ceramic Coatings are applied after an intense preparation and decontamination process by our team of professionals.

The Ceramic Coating bonds to the painted surface of the vehicle providing a sufficient layer of protection. While it is not a substitute for Clear Bra (or Paint Protection Film) which is a more comprehensive defensive product, Ceramic Coatings provide a permanent or semi-permanente bond to the paintwork that does not require frequent re-application. A clear bra or ceramic coated finish should still follow a wash process routine for optimal performance and longevity.

How to properly maintain my paintwork

Generally it is always safer to handwash your vehicle instead of an automated machine car wash. These harsh machines can introduce swirls and scratches to your finish. On the other hand, if you are not confident with the products or techniques you use when hand washing, this can introduce marks in the paint such as scrubbing the paintwork with a mitt. The best method to wash your vehicle is to invest in the proper products that are designed to assist in caring for your vehicle.

It is crucial to understand how chemicals and products can affect the finish of your paintwork. Talking to one of our experienced detailers can make a world of difference when it comes to your vehicle’s upkeep. Avoid chemicals such as.

  • Abrasive Materials
  • Paper Towels
  • Dish Soaps
  • Brake Fluids
  • Shoe Polishes
  • Gasoline

The chemicals put on a vehicle’s finish matter. Along with chemicals, proper washing techniques should be followed for longevity of a finish. This includes proper washing mitts, drying towels/blowers, and techniques such as using a two bucket method with grit guards to minimize swirl marks and scratches. Using one bucket can reintroduce contaminants onto the paint work which cause scratch marks. For drying, never use a paper towel. These can cause a lot of friction on the paint work resulting in scratch marks. Our experienced team is ready to introduce you to a proper maintenance routine.

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, our team of professionals is just a phone call away.