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Ceramic Coatings

"New Jersey's Ceramic Coatings Experts"

GYEON - Ceramic Coating - Buff and Beyond

Ceramic Coatings

A Buff and Beyond is New Jersey’s proud installer for various GYEON Ceramic Coatings. Backed with sophisticated results, we have strictly used this silicone dioxide based formula since 2015. Ceramic Coatings increase the vehicles chemical resistance allowing for ease in vehicle maintenance.

Level 2 GYEON Ceramic Coating Package

A Buff and Beyond's Performance Protection

5+ Years Durability / Immense Gloss / Highly Hydrophobic Our Level 2 GYEON Ceramic Coating package provides the ultimate protection for all vehicle surfaces. We utilize GYEON’s premier and dependable Q2 Duraflex Ceramic Coating which is applied as a topcoat to the long lasting GYEON Q2 base formula.

This combination provides long term protection against UV and chemical damages along with an extremely repellent surface for self-cleansing. This system also includes treatment to the wheels with GYEON’s Q2 RIM. Faces are coated to protect the wheels from potential brake dust damages overtime. RIM also adds the Hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating for ease of maintenance.

A topcoat of Glassparency is also applied to the windshield to repel water droplets and debris during inclement weather.

During vehicle preparation, the paint receives a single stage paint correction to correct any defects before the coating is applied. Pricing is subject for change if sever defects are present.

A Buff and Beyond - Level 2 Ceramic Coatings

Level 1 GYEON Ceramic Coating Package

A Buff and Beyond's Paint Focused Protection

2-3 Years Durability / High Performance / Advanced Chemical Hardness Our Level 1 GYEON Ceramic Coating package uses a single layer GYEON Q2 Flash coating. Q2 flash provides the vehicle finish with chemical and UV protection along with hydrophobic properties for ease of maintenance.

The same decontamination and corrective measures are used in our Level 1 package. The paint receives a single stage paint correction to correct any defects before the coating is applied. Pricing is subject for change if sever defects are present. The Wheels and Glass are not addressed in the Level 1 Package but can be added separately.

What is a Ceramic Coating, and Why Not Just Wax?

Ceramic Coatings, also referred to as Glass Coatings is a Silica Dioxide capable topcoat that bonds to the vehicles surface to protect a vehicles finish against UV and Chemical Damages. This provides a longer lasting “mirror finish” than a traditional wax or sealant can provide.

Ceramic coatings also provide the painted and other surfaces with hydrophobic properties to aid in vehicle maintenance. This extreme repellent surface allows dirt a debris to loosen from the paint with ease. While ceramic coatings aren't hard enough to withstand scratches, the slick surface minimizes friction between the mitt to provide some scratch resistance.

Watch us Ceramic Coat this Porsche.

GYEON has introduced the next level of Ceramic Coating with its new CanCoat Pro. Watch as our GYEON Specialist Applies this new coating to a brand new Porsche GT4.

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