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Ultimate Protection Package

Ultimate Protection - GYEON + XPEL

Ultimate Protection Package

A Buff and Beyond offers a solution to make your vehicle look better then the day you bought it for years to come. We have been perfecting and protecting for over 12 years to develop the ultimate drivers combination to preserve your investment against the harsh Jersey environment. Our Protection Package combines XPEL’s durable Paint Protection Film with the sophisticated technology behind GYEON’s Ceramic Coatings to provide unprecedented results. A Buff and Beyond - Ultimate Protection Package


Our Process: Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Prior to protection, we want to ensure all surfaces are in the best possible condition. Whether it be poor maintenance from the dealership or various damages during transport, we work to correct these details to remove various imperfections. This refinement process brings out the most shine and gloss from the paint before any protection is applied.


Paint Protection Film

With an 8.5 mil thick protective barrier applied to the paints surface, road debris has a hard time penetrating this layer and damaging the finish. XPEL’s Clear Bra contains a self healing clear coat when exposed to heat to eliminate fine scratches overtime. Backed with a 10 year warranty, this solution is built to last and allows you to drive a new car every day.

This Package protects the Complete Hood, Complete Fenders, Headlamps, Front Bumper, and Mirrors. These are the areas most subjected to road debris damages which benefits most from this type of protection. During installation, we take the time to tuck various edges for seamless coverage.


Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings compliment clear bra perfectly. GYEON’s advanced formula provides years of protection against ultraviolet radiation and fading to all vehicles surfaces. Advanced chemical hardness within the coating provides a smooth and slick surface for ease in maintenance during the cleaning phase.

This Package applies GYEON’s advanced Duraflex formula to the exposed paint and GYEON PPF to the Clear Bra. Wheel faces and barrels are coated in GYEON Q2 RIM to deter break dust damages to the finish. All interior surfaces are treated in GYEON interior treatments and the windshield is topped off with Glassparency for improved visibility in poor weather conditions.


Customer Satisfaction

Full service interior & exterior treatments. Detailing services with a personal touch, located in Central New Jersey. Come experience the difference at A Buff & Beyond - Performance Car Care. We look forward serving you and providing you with the highest standard.

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