Ceramic coating being applied to a car in Millstone New Jersey

For car enthusiasts, protecting the look and function of your vehicle is imperative to keeping your automotive investment in prime condition. Ceramic Coating offers enhancement in both performance and protection to your car’s exterior by offering a multitude of benefits applied directly to your car’s paint. Ceramic Coating, also known as Glass Coating, links directly to the surface of your car made from Silica Dioxide. A Buff and Beyond professional Ceramic Coating installers carefully layer this barrier which provides weather protection, superior gloss, and easier cleaning. This topcoat protects from UV and chemical damage which can cause corrosion, fading and cracks to your paint job which is a common concern of vehicle owners in the Northeast. Don’t wait on this opportunity to provide shine and protection to your exterior, let’s review 5 signs that it’s time to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle. 

1. Added Resistance Against Debris

Ceramic coating provides superior resistance against debris that can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior. With its hydrophobic properties, Ceramic Coating provides added protection against water while also repelling against other forms of debris such as oil or dust. Our team at A Buff and Beyond is ready to provide you with this added layer of protection with care and quality service. 

 2. Durable and Long Lasting Protection

An investment in ceramic coating provides a long length of exterior protection from 5-10 years. As an upgrade to traditional wax or sealant, you will be thrilled in how your car looks and how well its protection is maintained.  This means less trips to the car wash, and more money in your pocket. 

 3. Defense From the Weather

Ceramic Coating repels debris and deflects them from your vehicle. Hydrophobic properties help maintain the reliability of your vehicle by rejecting water from sticking to your paint which prevents fading caused by corrosion. As NJ’s premier ceramic coat installers, A Buff and Beyond experts know that NJ weather can be challenging. Trust our team to provide you with a high quality job that will guard your car against the elements. That includes the impact of rain, snow, or extended sun which can damage your finish. Ceramic coating also protects against UV and chemical damage which could severely damage your paint job. 

4. Glossier Finish Than Traditional Wax

Ceramic coating offers a mirror like finish to your exterior that ranks above the capability of traditional wax. Our customers love the sleek look of Ceramic Coat and the stronger impact it makes compared to wax alone.

5.  Scratch and Scuff Resistance, Easy To Clean. 

Ceramic coating does not protect against scratches but does offer an added component in scratch protection. Ceramic coating helps to protect against minor abrasions that can affect the look of your precious vehicle. This coat will also help your car look cleaner, longer. 

A Buff & Beyond are the New Jersey Ceramic Coating Professionals You Can Trust

As your New Jersey ceramic coating experts, A Buff & Beyond Performance Car Care assures high quality service and knows that applying ceramic coating to your vehicle is in your best judgment as a car owner. This top-grade Silica dioxide solution offers superior protection against many factors that diminish your paint job. You won’t be disappointed in how well ceramic coating adds an extra layer of resistance while optimizing a superior shine. Choose A Buff & Beyond to help extend the life of your vehicle’s performance and beauty with a caring team of experts at NJ’s premiere car care studio. Get in touch with us today for more information!

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, our team of professionals is just a phone call away.