Being a driver in New Jersey provides its own set of challenges. Whether you are traveling on the highway, or your vehicle is just sitting in a parking lot. Nature will always find the best way to diminish your paint finish. Here are the three things that take away from that glossy finish and how you can protect against them.


Can’t you hear it!? Driving along on the highway and the sound of little rocks and debris can be heard as they slam against the front of your vehicle. This continued damage creates a “Sand Blast” effect ultimately leaving you with a chewed up front end. All these little chip marks scattered on your front end and nothing you can do but an expensive visit to a body shop for a repaint. To prevent this from occurring in the first place, the application of Clear Bra is the perfect solution.

Clear Bra is made of a transparent urethane material offering a defensive barrier on your painted finish that is both durable and more cost effective than a visit to a body shop. Clear Bra is known for being extremely durable by absorbing and dispersing the impact of road debris with its urethane layers. This effect prevents the force of the impact to cause chips on the surface of the paintwork. Leaving you with a protected, worry free driving experience.


Ahh a beautiful sunny day. While you are at the beach loving every moment of it, your car is not a huge fan of all this sun it’s getting. The Ultra Violet rays from the sun can rapidly deteriorate your paint finish and interior surfaces.

To prevent this damage, we apply a Ceramic Coating to your Vehicles paintwork. Ceramic Coatings immensely out perform a traditional wax on every level. They are more durable, sometimes lasting years over a wax. A Ceramic Coating provides immense levels of gloss to the vehicle finish and has extreme hydrophobic properties for ease of maintenance. This level of protection keeps paint looking healthy while providing a phenomenal barrier against oxidizing and fading.

To prevent damage to the interior, we install a Ceramic Window Tint. Ceramic Window Tint contains ceramic based particles that are not visible by the human eye. Ceramic Window Tint provides the driver with an excellent barrier against the Ultraviolet Rays from the sun. This protects both the interior and occupants while adding a cooler interior to the driver and their passengers.


The New Jersey Winter Weather can prove to be a real challenge when it comes to keeping a vehicle looking its best. The salt and debris on the roads can adhere themselves to the paintwork. These salt rocks that are designed to give vehicles traction are constantly being flung against your paint work. We also tend to wash our vehicles less due to weather which allows contaminants to sit longer on the paintwork.

To prevent this type of damage, we will install Clear Bra (or Paint Protection Film) to the front end of the vehicle to absorb and disperse the impact of road debris with its urethane layers. This effect prevents the force of the impact to cause chips on the surface of the paintwork. We also apply Ceramic Coating to seal off the paint finish from these contaminants. This solution also helps reject dirt and contaminants from forming and staining the finish. Once you get a chance to wash your vehicle, it will be much easier to properly remove the contaminants from the surface.

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, our team of professionals is just a phone call away.