When it comes time to consider how you want your vehicle protected, the front end definitely takes the brunt of damage from rock chips and other road debris as you drive. A front end package in clear bra with ceramic coating quickly becomes a great solution to prevent these unsightly damages. The owner of this 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee opted for this level of protection.

As in the case of any of our projects, it starts in the wash bay with a proper decontamination of the paintwork. Even a brand new vehicle has contaminants from transport and being outside that need to be removed prior to a proper installation of any film or ceramic coating. Our detail team washes and clay bars the vehicles finish to ensure all these contaminants are properly removed. The vehicle is blown dry and sent to our clear bra installers.

Our clear bra installers head to the specialized software to begin printing the patterns for the clear bra (or Paint Protection Film). This ensures a perfect fit and finish installation on the painted surfaces on this Charger. Once they have customized and plotted their clear bra, the installers will apply their spray solution to the paintwork and begin lining up the clear bra onto a specific panel they are working on. They double check their alignment and squeegee the spray solution allowing the clear bra to adhere to the painted surface. This process is repeated for the entire front end of the vehicle. This client opted for the Hood, Front Bumper, Fenders, Headlights, Mirrors, Rocker Panels, and Door Cups to be covered on his Charger in clear bra.

After clear bra installation is finalized, the Charger is moved to the paint correction bay. Any paint that is not covered in clear bra will need to be polished with a machine polish to remove defects. Our team of experts do an in depth analysis of the paintwork to find the perfect polish/compound solution to correct the paintwork and remove any surface swirl marks/scratches. While a Ceramic Coating does provide significant gloss, the paint correction process provides most of the gloss. We want a near perfect finish to be presented before applying any long term Ceramic Coating over top. The detailer will work with their polish machine in small sections on the exposed paint. After the in depth polish procedure is finalized, the paintwork is prepped with a GYEON solution to remove any oils or grease from the polish process.

The detailers begin applying the Ceramic Coating to both the painted and clear bra surfaces of the vehicle. This provides the immense gloss, UV/Chemical protection, and ease of maintenance to the entire vehicle. The windshield and rim faces are provided with their own designated GYEON ceramic coating formulas.

To finalize and add the “Icing to the cake” Our professional tint installer will work to install our SUNTEK Ceramic Window Tint full coverage tint package which includes all side windows, back, and windshield. This solution offers a high level of protection against harmful UV Rays. It also offers phenomenal heat rejection, keeping your cabin cooler during the hot summer months.

He begins by printing tint patterns for each window on our industrial printer called a plotter. This ensures proper fitment and installation to the specific vehicle windows dimensions. A solution is applied to the window allowing the installer to lay the tint film on the window and squeegee out the solution allowing the tint film to adhere to the glass.

After some finalization take a look at the final result. This is sure to be glossest Dodge Charger Super Bee in town!

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, our team of professionals is just a phone call away.