Picture this.. It is a beautifully sunny day outside, not a cloud in the sky. While it is the ideal outdoor environment, your car is not super fond of this situation. The sun’s UV rays can be incredibly damaging to a vehicle’s paint work. This UV radiation can be powerful enough to cause damage to the car’s interior and causes glare for drivers and passengers. Not only does a nice shade of window tint look cool, it also feels cool with SUNTEK’s advanced lineup on Ceramic Window Tint. With so many terms and options on the market, it is important for the buyer to understand what the benefits are of this new and advanced technology.

For most American car buyers, they will experience the rays of the sun in some capacity. This Ceramic Window Tint solution quickly becomes a necessity inside your vehicle. Ceramic Window Tint protects both the driver and vehicle interior from the harmful rays of the sun. Enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike consider window tint for a multitude of reasons including.

  • Privacy Concerns
  • Reducing Interior Temperature
  • Improving the overall vehicle appearance

It is important to keep in mind that not all Window Tint is made the same. There are different characteristics suited for different experiences. Each has their own benefit.

The most common type of Window Tint is a dyed tint. This is an inexpensive option provided by most facilities to be installed. It will provide the window with a dark look which most car owners look for. Plus it blocks around 50% of light that would otherwise cause issues with visibility and even intended head within the vehicle. This standard tint is typically made of cheaper materials which will bubble over time and not last as long. 

The new “BuzzWord” is Ceramic Window Tint. A new but quickly growing technology. Getting into a hot car is becoming a thing of the past as Ceramic Window Tint Technology begins to advance and evolve. At A Buff and Beyond, we stock and install SUNTEK’s advanced line of Ceramic Window Tint.

What sets Ceramic Window Tint Apart?

Ceramic Window Tint contains ceramic based particles that are not visible by the human eye. This has a wider variety of tint percentages and options for the client. Considering the higher value market for these films, the benefits provided make it worth every penny. A few of the benefits include.


Different clients look for different stylistic choices when it comes to the appearance of their vehicle. A Ceramic Window Tint can provide more options for percentages based on the clients needs and concerns. These percentages go from strikingly dark to a nice executive appeal, and everything in between. 

Sun Protection

Ceramic Window Tint provides the driver with an excellent barrier against the Ultraviolet Rays from the sun. This protects both the interior and occupants while adding a cooler interior to the driver and their passengers.


You’ve probably seen an old tint that has bubbled up, peeled, and faded. Since glass is such a large section on a vehicle, this easily becomes a huge eye sore. Ceramic Window Tint offers superior durability designed to last for 10+ years. The nano ceramic particles inside the film can offer increased levels of safety. They are more resistant to small rocks that can smash through a car’s window. This makes it harder for thieves to penetrate the glass

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, our team of professionals is just a phone call away.